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's deadliest massacre in 19 years. steven barten is joining me now to talk about this. he was one of 58 people wounded in the aurora shooting, shot in the face and the neck. steven, good morning to you. first of all, let me ask how you're feeling. >> i'm feeling just fine. my recovery's gone remarkably well. >> well, that is certainly good news to hear. you were one of the lucky ones. what would you liked to have seen wednesday night at the first presidential debate in terms of the discussions about guns. >> i mean really any specific discussion or reference to the issue would have been great. ideally i would have loved both candidates to talk about whether they support having a background check. that's a huge issue and it would have been great to see, that especially in an auditorium ten miles from a theater where i was shot and so many others were shot. >> this certainly could come up at a later debate, which we'll discuss more about social issues but you told one of our reporters that skipping gun lays in the debate showed a lack of respect. >> i think they owed it to the people who were sh
. among the 166 pages are diplomatic cables from ambassador christopher stevens that reveal his now prophetic concerns. we'll dive deeper into the details in a few minutes. >>> first professionally gay boxer in history won his first match since coming out two weeks ago. the puerto rican bit his opponent in a a unanimous decision. he was touched by all the support. he hopes his big win earns him a chance at a world title fat. >>> a storeied career in tatters among allegations of doping. >> that is the situation facing lance armstrong. >> it accuses the cyclist of having a prominent role in what the usada calls a sophisticated doping program. don explains how, despite the charges, some are sticking by the embattled athlete. >> reporter: he's been accused, disgraced and humiliated. but in his hometown of ostaen and within the cancer community, in particular, lancearmstrong is still very much loved. >> i've been better, but i've also been worse. thank you so much for your support. it means the world to me. >> reporter: speaking publicly for the first time since she was ingu engulfed by
yet. that attack killed four americans, inclouding ambassador chris stevens. >>> thousands gathering in the streets of jordan after king abdullah ii dissolved parliament and calling for new elections. the kipg has too much power but an analyst says any change to the current system could weaken support among his base. >>> now, to syria where two major stories are developing. first, turkish soldiers responded with counterfire today when a shell from syria landed near a village. remember earlier this week five people were killed in turkey when a shell crossed the border from syria. this is the fourth day the two countries have exchanged fire. a youtube video shows rebel officers holding 48 people hostage. their lives clearly in danger. joining us now is nick payton walsh who is following this story from beirut, lebanon. nick, good morning. let's start with the story in turkey. what is being done to stop the conflict and prevent more shelling? >> well, this is actually what is so worrying here. this appears to now, as you say, the fourth consecutive day. this most recent one, according t
saved the life of ambassador stevens. >> is it true that you voted to cut the funding for embassy security? >> absolutely. >> politics ruled this week that was, but the vp showdown, that took the cake. of course, sprinkled with a few zingers. >> i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. >> zing. >> lower tax rates increase growth. >> oh, now you're jack kennedy. >> zing. >> this is a bunch of stuff. look, here's the deal -- >> what does that mean, a bunch of stuff? >> it means -- >> zing. >> as for that first debate. >> i think it is fair to say, i was too polite. >> not an issue with these guys. >> turped into this sparring and it was very, very personal. >> personal and partisan. >> you have to be kidding me. >> in fact, the congressional hearing on the attack in benghazi got down right testy. >> it was a terrorist attack on a u.s. asset in libya and it was never exposed. >> i certainly hope that today's hearing is not going to be perceived as an effort to exploit a tragedy for political purposes 27 days out f
chris stevens. now the government and reform committee have released e-mails from the ambassador and other security workers and the documents paint a picture of the obama administration ignoring a rapidly deteriorating in libya. they fear the release of the unedited could endanger the lives of libyans working within the u.s. >>> to syria now where more than 80 bodies have been found in a mass grave on the country's east coast. 80 men, women and children were all brutally executed. a u.n. arab league envoy is working for a cease-fire. more than 30,000 people have been killed in the last 19 months. >>> there are fears that syrian violence is now spilling over to their neighbor, lebanon. in the country's capital, beirut, a large car bomb was detonated. left rows of mangled cars and charred buildings and shook the windows in cnn's offices there, about a a ten-minute drive from that scene. a top lebanese intelligence official known for his anti-syrian stance and two others were killed in that explosion. more than 100 people were injured. nick payton walsh joins me from beirut. do we k
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)

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